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Threaded screws

In this category of products you can find:

Hexagon Head Bolt with Shank (DIN 931/8.8)
Hexagon Head Bolt, Fully Threaded (DIN 933/8.8)
Hexagon Head Bolt with Shank Fine Pitch Thread (DIN 960/8.8)
Hexagon Head Bolt Fully Threaded Fine Pitch Thread (DIN 961/8.8)
Hexagon Head Bolt High Tensile Strength (DIN 6914/10.9)
Hexagon Socket Head Cap Bolt (DIN 912/8.8)
Hexagon Socket Set Bolt with Cup Point (DIN 916/45H)
Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Cap Bolt (DIN 7991/10.9)
Tread Rod (DIN 975 4.6, DIN 975 8.8, DIN 975 10.9)
Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolt (DIN 603/4.8)

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