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About Us

A. Doulkeroglou SA is one of the companies with the longest screw history in Greece.

It was founded in 1967, in Piraeus, by co-founders Avr. John. Doulkeroglou and John. Avr. Doulkeroglou to develop as a force in the fasteners’ market by combining entrepreneurial skills and competitiveness with respect to people, society and the environment.

The company’s successful business history and recognition are based on the implementation of the most modern processes and methods of handling and marketing of products and as well as its high quality manpower. It is already ensured and reinforced by a system of corporate governance, with effective, flexible, organizational and administrative structure and a solid background of values and social responsibility, with central axis the customer service and respect.

With a continuous upward trend from 1967, we supply in a simple, fast and safe way, over 12,000 kinds of fasteners. Our products can be found in perpetual deposit, with the aim of solving all problems of support and connection, always in accordance with the rules and the technical specifications of European legislation.

This is confirmed by our 2.000 fixed customers across Greece.

A. Doulkeroglou is imbued with values timeless and inviolable.

With this in mind,

Operates… Creates… Bound…

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